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  • All Clear Stand Up Paddle Board

    Our All Clear Stand up paddle board is one of our most exclusive products. Offering clear views of the water to create a one of a kind, unique and luxurious experience, to any user. Relax and do nothing while you experience the upgrade to watersports.

  • About: Clear Stand Up Paddle Board

    The clear board is made of polycarbonate.

    -UV Resistant


    - Perfect to use in both fresh water & salt water

    -Can endure long exposure to high heat and Sunlight

    - As the board ages, any scratches on the board disappear when it is placed in water.

  • Clear Stand Up Paddle Board Purchase:


    Included with each board is our coiled leash, a basic paddle, and a universal fin. Each board has a rubber rim that protects the board.

    Limited Time offer. While supplies last.

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